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January 6, 2009
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Israeli Headway Medical Joins AICC

headwayFounded in 2006, Headway was established to develop and market innovative medical solutions for management and treatment of chronic head and neck pain. The Company operates within the framework of Misgav Venture Accelerator at the Misgav Business Park in Israel. 

Headway has developed OcciflexT, an innovative patent-pending medical device that has been proven to be an effective treatment for patients suffering from chronic headaches and neck pain. OcciflexT is indicated for patients who present with migraines, tension-type headaches, medication over-use, myofascial pain syndrome, cervicogenic headaches, post-trauma, whiplash, cervical facet joint disorder and pain from post-spinal surgery.

Computer-controlled and programmable to meet individual patients needs, OcciflexT is designed to gently move the head along a three-dimensional course predefined by the practitioner. Occiflex’s unique head cradle may be adjusted to fit a patient’s head and neck.

Occiflex is designed for healthcare professionals such as physical therapists and pain specialists. Headway plans to develop a personal home-based version of Occiflex for the consumer market at a later stage.


  • Device Therapy: Non-invasive, naturally therapeutic, gentle and safe
  • Muscle Treatment: Restores normal neck muscle activation patterns
  • Treatment Optimization: Uses real-time patient data to provide optimal treatment
  • Pain Reduction: Passive movement, enabling a significant decrease of head and neck muscle activation which is crucial for a full span of muscle relaxation
  • User Experience: Creates a positive experience that will leave the patient eager to return for treatment
  • Cost-effective: Flexible and portable – easily attaches to treatment tables

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