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March 10, 2009
March 13, 2009
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Jacada expands deal with German telecom firm / PLYmedia releases online video enrichment program

Jacada expands deal with German telecom firm
Published by: Globes

jacadaDesktop optimization system developer Jacada (Nasdaq: JCDA; TASE: JCDA) has expanded a deal with an existing customer, a large German telecommunications provider.
Revenue from the material services agreement will be recognized over current and future quarters.

Herzliya-based Jacada is currently bridging together existing legacy systems, and automating priority call processes. The goal is to enable the customer service agents to effectively upsell and cross-sell other triple play services. Based on the success of the initial phases of this project, the customer has signed a second agreement to incorporate more process and deeper integration to new backend systems.

Jacada CEO Paul O’Callaghan said that developing existing accounts is a significant part of its business plan. “Certainly, a key part of our business plan for 2009 is realizing the upside revenue opportunity within existing accounts. While we are encouraged by the size and quality of opportunities for new business in our sales pipeline, there is more clarity in the decision making process of our existing customers which provides us better visibility into future revenue from this channel.”

 Jacada is a Herzliya based company with its world headquarters now in Atlanta. Oren Shefler, Jacada’s General Counsel is a member of AICC Board of Directors. Jacada has agreed to be a sponsor at the Eagle Star Awards Gala on May 27th in Atlanta.

PLYmedia releases online video enrichment program
Published by: Globes

plyjOnline video enrichment developer PLYmedia has released a beta version of its ProPLY solution for online publishers.
ProPLY enables online publishers to enrich their video experience by superimposing interactive contextual information on the video and contextually linking stories to their archive.

PLYmedia develops software that allows online videos to be overlaid with content layers, or PLYs – related to the video. Examples are advertisements, subtitles, pop-up bubbles and other layered content, which allows publishers to increase their revenue from a given video. Informational overlays are designed to promote video content and maximize interaction with viewers.

PLYmedia also provides analytical feedback of the user’s interaction on the video screen in response to various overlays.

PLYmedia’s language accessibility solution, SubPLY, has already been implemented by online companies. PLYmedia’s subtitles and close captioning solution adds value to the video. Its closed captioning solution converts audio video into text video, opening up additional viewing opportunities for the hearing impaired and enabling office workers to silently watch videos in the workspace.

PLYmedia Joined AICC in 2007 and participated in the New Media and Web 2.0 business exchanges.


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