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January 13, 2014
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January 15, 2014
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January 2014 Leadership Message: Southern Fried Super Nova

“Southern Fried Super Nova.”  That’s the name of a “happening” (that’s the word Israelis would use to describe a really exciting and interesting event that just have to attend in order to fully appreciate) that a newly created Atlanta company called CauseShift ( is planning for October of 2014.  CauseShift is the baby of Scott Henderson, formerly the head of Hypepotamus (, a long term partner of the AICCSE working to promote innovation and collaboration in metro Atlanta.  With “Southern Fried Super Nova,” Scott is looking to expand the Hypepotamus concept to the entire region, bringing innovation together with Southern culture to create collaborations that are uniquely powerful.

Those of us who live in the Atlanta or most any other city in the South know that this region of the country has businesses, academic institutions, technological innovation, and entrepreneurship that compare with the best.  On the whole, however, the world has not yet come to appreciate all that the South has to offer.  Country music, the civil rights movement, and “Gone with the Wind” – yes.  A place to look for cutting edge innovation and exciting business opportunities – let’s just say that the South is not the first place that comes to a foreigner’s mind.  We take pride in the fact that over 60 Israeli companies have established an American base in the South.  But we still have quite a ways to go to effectively compete for the attention of the Israeli business community with the likes of Silicon Valley, Boston, New York, Chicago and Washington, DC.

The message of the  “Southern Fried Super Nova” is that the South need not give up those things that give the region its special charm in order to be a center of entrepreneurship and technological innovation.   Israelis who have discovered the South and the work of the AICCSE in particular know that as well as anyone.  Starting with the AICCSE’s Israel Advisory Board (see article in this newsletter), we will be looking more and more to them to spread the gospel of the South throughout the Israeli business and innovation communities.  Do have an Israeli connection that can help tell the story of the “Southern Fried Super Nova?”   If so, let us know.


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