March 13, 2009
PolytexUSA distributor of Israeli PolyTex Technologies Ltd. Joins AICC
March 19, 2009
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Landmark Ventures Joins AICC

landmarkNew York based Landmark Ventures is a venture development firm working with growing technology firms and venture capital funds specializing in strategic sales, market entry, client acquisition and fundraising services. Sitting on the critical seam between technology, business and capital; Landmark ensures a balanced flow of resources while building a catalytic foundation for venture growth.

Landmark Ventures’ diverse portfolio AICC member companies AdYouNetPerSay, and Sterna.  

Other Israeli portfolio companies include Eurikify,  Aternity,  BioPetroClean,  e-Glue,  ActionBase,  Comtec,  E4X,  M-Wise,  NextNine,  Netformx,  Picom Software Systems,  Power IDPower Paper ,  Safend,  Triana Technologies, and  Odysii.


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