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Medical Records

Tel Aviv-based company developing a tablet platform that empowers people in complex medical conditions.  From automatic management of medical records to reliable delivery of data and information in everyday language, the platform provides better understanding of what to expect and how to best cope with a medical condition at any given point in time.  This new solution enables you to control your health, by managing medical records from multiple sources and providing real-time access to all the information you need in order to understand your medical condition.

A complete view of your current medical condition and the knowledge that you control your medical records eases the stress of medical visits.  Medical records are organized in smart lists where simple navigation options guarantee your records and medical history can be accessed at any time.  This makes sure you will not forget documents at home again, but it also helps you remember everything you need to ask or tell your doctor. The “Notes” feature enables you to add notes anywhere on your medical record, just as they pop in your head and all your “mental notes” are here to stay.

Company is seeking introductions to partners for pilots and investors.



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  1. Rick Litzky says:

    Know a good bit about the health care environment & medical records.

    Would have to know more about this application.

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