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November 6, 2013
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Medical Records

Tel Aviv-based mobile solution that enables you to control your health by managing medical records from multiple sources in one place and providing real-time access to all your health information. The product gives you a complete view of your current (and past) medical condition, and tools to help you understand what it all means. Having a deeper understanding of your health, encourages you to be more engaged, make better decisions and gain control of your health.Visits to the doctor are usually accompanied by a lot of stress.  Complex medical conditions require regular visits to clinics and hospitals and a constantly growing number of tests. Sitting in a doctor’s office, rummaging through a pile of papers, looking for the test results the doctor had just asked to see, is not making things easier.

This solution empowers people in complex medical conditions. From automatic management of medical records to reliable delivery of data and information in everyday language,  the platform provides better understanding of what to expect and how to best cope with a medical condition at any given point in time.

Company seeking introductions to health insurers, interface with wellness apps, channel partners, partners for pilots, and investors. 


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