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March 29, 2017
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March 29, 2017
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Member Networking Reception Talks Business

Shai Robkin Member NetworkingThe Conexx Member Networking Reception treated members and guests to a presentation that might just change the way they do business. Held on March 23, the reception featured Shai Robkin, Owner of Vernon Library Supplies, as he spoke about the concept of behavioral economics and why your business might be left in the dust.
Over 50 people attended the event which was sponsored by gatc and hosted at the newly renovated and historic Flatiron building.  Robkin first spoke about the basics of behavioral economics, how, until just a few years ago, it was not a mainstream topic. But today many of the fastest growing companies utilize some sort of behavioral economics expertise. Insights from behavioral economics are driving customer sales and loyalty, guiding strategic decision making and project management, and creating workplaces that nurture initiative and creativity.

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