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June 26, 2017
Featured Israeli Company in the Southeast: Motorika
June 26, 2017
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Member Profile: Jeff Neil

Jeff Neil Georgia Ports AuthorityI currently work in the Georgia Ports Authority’s Corporate Communications office as a manager for commercial communications. I first became connected with Conexx at the 2016 Conexx Gala. The Georgia Ports Authority was being presented with the US Company of the Year award.

I became increasingly aware of Conexx because a growing number of Israeli firms were visiting the Port of Savannah to learn more about what the Port does. During these Israeli company visits I was impressed with the level of innovation happening among Israeli businesses. I was asked to become a board member of Conexx earlier this year.

I was drawn to Conexx because of my personal connection to Israel. I had the pleasure of living in Israel for 2 years – one year as an undergraduate student and the second year as a graduate student. Living in Jerusalem both times, I came to see first-hand the security challenges that Israel faces as well as the state’s achievements in a relatively short time frame. As someone who wants to support both the economy of the Southeast US and that of the State of Israel, Conexx offers a way to do both simultaneously.

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