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Member Profile: Jeremy Ben-David

Jeremy Ben DavidI was introduced to Conexx by Greg Kirsch, Smith, Gambrell & Russell, back in 2009. As a veteran ‘oleh’ (immigrant) to Israel from the UK, and involved in a profession which thrives on international cooperation between IP firms, the Israel-US partnership had always been important to me, both as a professional, and as a proud Israeli-by-choice. It was, therefore, a natural progression to become involved in an organization which encourages US-Israel professional relationships.

2017 will be my 9th year of involvement in Conexx. Over the years I have participated in some of the meetings with the Conexx delegations to Israel, and have also made presentations and had meetings set up through the auspices of Conexx when I visit Atlanta and other parts of the Southeast. I was drawn to Conexx by its openness, its non-exclusivity, and by its willingness to have as members anyone willing to assist in its goals of US-Israel cooperation at all levels. Membership, per se, is virtually a self-fulfilling prophecy of those goals.

I originally trained in the UK as a civil engineer and, after spending a short time on a kibbutz in 1984/5, I trained as an Israel Patent Attorney and received my license in 1987. That was at a time when the IP profession in Israel was very small (my license number is 68(!)) and everyone knew everyone. I set up my own practice in 1995, and was fortunate to have my father, Dr. Stanley Davis (of blessed memory), partner up with me soon afterwards. We have been based in Jerusalem since 1997, in the Har Hotzvim hi-tech park, and have been witness to the advent of the Start Up Nation. I continue to practice today, with a professional team of ten experienced attorneys and agents, always trying to think out of the box.

A favorite professional pastime of mine is meeting IP practitioners from the world over, both at conferences and by personal visits. By wearing my kippa (yarmulke) wherever I go, people from many countries naturally identify me as Jewish and Israeli, giving me an opportunity to build bridges with people from the US and Europe, China, Korea and Japan, and even, on occasion, with fellow practitioners from Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Iran.

Conexx has given me an opportunity to meet men and women from different walks of life, both in the US and Israel. I am part of something that emphasizes relationships between members of the business communities in the US and Israel, and that has become a positive and constructive influence on everyone involved.

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