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Member Profile: Shawn Glinter

Shawn GlinterShawn Glinter is the founder and CEO of the biotechnology startup Pendant Biosciences, which was formerly Nanoferix. Pendant Biosciences is an advanced materials company developing innovative surface coating and drug delivery technologies using a unique, polymer-based platform. The company is initially focused on applications within the orthopedic market, and its lead product candidate is a surface modification intended to reduce the risk of infection associated with certain orthopedic implants.

For over 15 years Shawn, who considers himself a serial entrepreneur, has been helping students, faculty & entrepreneurs with their startups and early stage companies. His background includes advising and working with over seven dozen first-time founders of startups as well as mentoring 1000’s of companies. Most recently, Shawn was a co-founder & CEO of a water technology company.
In addition to Pendant Biosciences, Shawn is currently the Entrepreneur in Residence at Belmont University and a Mentor in Residence at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. Shawn has spent the last seven years as one of the Master Mentors at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center.

Working with Pendant Biosciences, Shawn and his team are developing the next generation polymer technology for innovative medical products. Pendant Biosciences first break-through application was creating a better coating to reduce infection within orthopedic implants. The technology has broad utility for significant unmet clinical needs in orthopedics and other therapeutic areas for solving the delivery challenges for pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

Glinter, along with Pendant Biosciences will be traveling with Conexx to the 2017 BioMed Conference in Israel.

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