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December 18, 2014
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Members’ Corner


Karen Weinstock
Weinstock Immigration Lawyers
Atlanta, GA

I was born in Israel and immigrated to the U.S. as an adult after completing my law degrees at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. When I first moved to the U.S., no one would give me a credit card or rent me an apartment without a credit history. I could not get a job because people were not familiar with my university (the top law school in Israel), and, in addition, hiring me required visa sponsorship. I encountered many hardships as a new immigrant and it was a very difficult start. Since then I became a partner in a law firm and I opened my own immigration law firm, Weinstock Immigration Lawyers. I love immigration law because it gives me the opportunity to meet many interesting people from a wide variety of fields and help them achieve their American dream and improve their lives.


I got involved with Conexx in 2002 when I first moved to Atlanta. I did not know anyone in Atlanta at the time and during the Eagle Star event that year I made as many connections as I could. Many of these connections are good friends and colleagues to date. I had an interest in being involved with Conexx to help support Israeli companies doing business in the U.S. Conexx allows me to connect with fellow Israelis and Americans and share my experience as an immigrant and provide business advice in order to alleviate some of the frustrations Israeli immigrants and companies have when relocating to the U.S. This includes immigration services such as visas, green cards, etc., as well as more general relocation strategy such as how to build credit, bridging cross-cultural issues and how to better acclimate to living in the U.S.  


My current involvement with Conexx is to represent the organization in the International Women’s Series, a joint effort of the French, German and Dutch Chambers of Commerce as well as other international organizations in Atlanta, to empower international professional women. We already had two successful events in 2014 and our next event, on Monday, January 26 from 6-8 p.m., is about enhancing our professional image. I encourage all of the Conexx women to support this initiative and attend our next events.


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