Metrolight is the leading manufacturer of SmartHID™ electronic ballasts that power High Intensity Discharge (HID) energy efficient lighting systems. Our patented technology saves retailers, logistics operators, warehouses, manufacturers and municipal governments up to 65% on their energy bills while delivering spectacular light lasting up to two times longer than competitors. The control ready system offers connectivity with both analog and digital control devices and control and communication systems, extending the system’s energy saving capabilities.

Established in 1996, Metrolight has over 500,000 systems installed worldwide encompassing many different applications and accumulating over 2 Billion operating hours. With operations in more than 15 countries, over 50 business partners worldwide and 6 patents in 25 countries, we delivers more light for less money while reducing environmental impact.

At Metrolight we offer a wide spectrum of products ranging from CompactHID™ 20W to 150W, SmartHID™ 100W to 450W and SmartHID™ Plus 100W to 600W (Production units available for Beta partners).

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