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April 22, 2009
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April 30, 2009
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MindCite Joins AICC


MindCite transforms data to intelligence, in the Homeland Security, Competitive and Business Intelligence markets, using Artificial Intelligence, Semantic and Natural Language Processing. 

MindCite has developed and implemented a single point access to the customer’s information, based on open source and internal data sources. The company provides a complete solution for integration, and automatic processing of organization structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data sources, into a core manageable Intelligence system. MindCite is the only dynamic, ontology-based platform, combining Intelligence tier with analytic tools.

 The deployed solutions are based on:  Citer, an Ontology-driven Intelligence Management System that provides the enterprise with all-in-one competitive and business intelligence solution, implementing the complete intelligence cycle – data collection, processing and dissemination- in one platform with multilingual capability. CiteLink, a ground-breaking, RDF-Native, Link-Analysis tool capable of querying, visualizing, and analyzing information from triple-stores and semantic-services. Such information may be the result of Semantic-Integration of databases, GIS systems, CDR analysis, analyzed time-series data, text and more.

Global demand for MindCite solutions has enabled deployment in Asia, Europe, South America and Israel. MindCite solutions are deployed globally by organizations needing to predict, prevent and respond to a diverse range of threats. A well-established international Partner Program ensures MindCite solutions meet local demand with after sales support. We are available to our customers in any part of the world, by certified partners that are professionals in their local markets and local needs while supported by MindCite Professional Service department.

MindCite has been deployed in several vertical markets such as: Homeland Security agencies, Military branches, Governments & Ministries, Intelligence Agencies, Regulatory Agencies, Financial Institutions, and Corporate IT departments.

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