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Personalized Oncology

Tel Aviv-based development and research company, that is dedicated to a personalized, evidence-based oncological data analysis approach.  Company’s mission is to improve the medical treatment and decision making of customers whom are cancer patients and or their doctors.

Highlights of company’s approach:

  • Custom-made molecular analysis of tumors’ characteristics allows personalized pharmaceutical efficacy prediction of targeted therapy as well as chemotherapy drugs.
  • Cutting-edge Lab techniques utilizing double-controlled NGS sequencing of a solid tumor tissue or “liquid biopsy based” samples (CTC’s or naked tumor-DNA), vast proteomics assays and a comprehensive tumor  profiling analysis (including oncology-cantered exome or RNA-based analysis).
  • A  unique molecular analysis algorithm which takes advantage of the way onco-genes affects the tumor cells phenotype, thus allows to predict the relevant clinical applications.
  • Scientifically approved, statistically-significant efficiency scaling analysis of all the relevant optional oncology treatment
  • Fully-personalized, Evidence-Based data-analysis algorithm that concludes the relevant benefits and risks that should be taken into account for a better and wiser decision making.

Seeking introductions to key opinion leaders to join scientific board.


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