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March 17, 2009
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March 20, 2009
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PolytexUSA distributor of Israeli PolyTex Technologies Ltd. Joins AICC

polytex PolyTexUSA is a marketing company with extensive experience in textiles that has marketing rights for PolyTex Technologies Ltd equipment for North and South America, PolytexUsa is interested in introductions to hospitals, health clubs, gyms, and food processing plants.

PolyTex Technologies is a Hadera based company established in 2005 with 20 employees that developed an application that provides a solution for dispensing, retrieval, and management of textiles, including uniforms, towels, garments, and more. Existing Clients include Hadassah and Assaf Harof’e hospitals, Intel manufacturing plant, and Shape Health Clubs in Israel. The use of this system prevents loss of textiles, reduces laundry bills, eliminates inconvenience of out-of- stock textiles, and reduces labor costs.

  • The Polytex system can hold up to 1600 unique garments. This is equivalent to 800 scrub sets versus 128 scrub sets in contemporary systems.
  • Capacity of 800 scrub sets means a huge savings in manpower and never running out of scrubs at an inappropriate time. When stocking  7 sizes this allows for 114 scrub sets for each size versus 18 in current system.
  • The Polytex system dispenses scrubs by personalized sizes and colors. This means that employees can get a different size top and bottom so their uniforms will fit.
  • The ability to deliver the exact size uniform to the user will reduce the wasted laundering which results when people take 2 sets of uniforms to get their correct size.
  • Personalized sizing results in enormous employee goodwill.
  • Loading the Polytex machine takes a fraction of the time compared to competitive systems.  800 scrub sets can be loaded in less time than current 128 set systems.

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