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March 3, 2009
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Randall Foster CEO of AICC member Vumii featured in

vumii1Vumii, Inc. was founded to respond to crucial questions facing the global community, with radically different and affordable surveillance solutions that enable security professionals to see, interpret and respond to criminal and terrorist threats as never before. As practical as they are powerful, Vumii’s high-performance solutions are designed to integrate easily and seamlessly with a broad range of security products, making Vumii the ideal upgrade for any security system.

Vumii is an Israeli company with headquarters in Atlanta. The company joined AICC in 2004 and Randall Foster is a memeber of AICC Board of Directors and Security Committee.

…. The guy who really got it was Randall Foster, CEO of Vumii, a company with technology that makes me go, “Wow.” I wrote about him here, after ISC last year. Basically, the wow part is that Vumii makes a laser-based night-vision camera that can tell who’s driving a car from about a mile away at night. It’s pretty amazing (Foster says he’s got some crazy stuff thanks to the fact that the laser can see through reflective windows, too, but I’ll let him post those on Vumii’s x-rated hidden site).

But what Foster spoke about with his 10 minutes is the way that the laser vision can be incorporated, using IP technology, into an overall surveillance system. With a panoramic view of a situation, you can have cameras scanning different points of a 360-view, looking for problems. Then, when something suspicious is spotted, the laser can pinpoint exactly what’s happening and communications can be sent out to the appropriate first responders.

I think more than one person in the audience audibly oohed at a couple of the images Foster put up…  Full Article


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