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September 3, 2009
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September 15, 2009
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SeaGen Systems presents at AICC September CleanTech

AICC’s September CleanTech meeting was hosted by Cathy Nunnally at IBI South, an Atlanta- based full-service incubator for international companies.  The committee recieved updates on Israel companies AquaPure, HCL Cleantech, and CES and heard presentation from member Pumping Machinery, and First Century Energy, a local integrator who participated in AICC’s Mission to Israel and as a result developed agreements with Israeli alternative energy companies Chromagen and TechnoSpin. Twenty eight members and staff attended the meeting chaired by Gene Rubel of Interlink Technologies.

Ofir Sarid, CEO of SeaGen Systems Ltd., introduced Migdal Ha’Emek-based developer of  subsea storage terminals for the liquid petroleum gas (LPG) industry. The solution is based on the use of underwater hydrostatic pressure that maintains the gas in its liquefied form in a unique and smart container system.  The SeaGen marine terminal is based on a “clean technology” that eliminates the risks involved in storage farms in addition to its considerable economical benefits; releasing real-estate and reduce costs by up to 40%.  The company has received support from the Chief Scientist and private investors, and is seeking introduction to LPG storage terminal owners and sub-sea Oil & Gas solution providers for a beta site and investments.


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