Dear Israeli Entrepreneur,

conexx is working closely with Israeli companies, helping them connect with potential partners, customers, and investors in the Southeast U.S. More than simply making a connection between Israeli and American companies, conexx strives to bridge cultural gaps so that cooperation and partnerships have a better chance of succeeding. Please consider the following:

  • Israeli technologies tend to be sophisticated and advanced.
  • US Companies are typically more attentive when presented with concise information that describes a problem and its solution, rather than a technical overview.
  • Israeli companies often consider the sophistication of their technology to be the only driving force of interest from potential American partners and customers, giving less attention to important aspects of Marketing.

This form was carefully designed to accumulate information that could make our job more efficient. Please complete the form with as much detail and relevance as needed (items marked with a * are required). We will do our best to help you achieve your business goals.


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PLEASE NOTE: conexx is acting out of a desire to foster trade between Israel and the United States. Staff and other conexx members will make referrals but will not represent you or act on your behalf. conexx does not warrant that they will dedicate any specific amount of time towards your endeavor. conexx does not take responsibility for any referrals or dealings that result from their assistance. conexx will attempt to identify potential conflicts of interest between conexx members and your company, but assumes no responsibility should such conflict arise.