SCIC_horizSouth Carolina Mission to Israel
January 23 – 28, 2016
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Note: Additional individual meetings can be set up upon request of participants

Sat. Jan.23

Arrival to Carlton Tel Aviv
Welcome dinner

Sun. Jan 24North Israel

Nazareth Tefen Technology Park *
A model of Arab-Jewish cooperation, the Nazareth Industrial Park sits at the heart of a region of diverse populations. Located in the historic Arab city of Nazareth, the park looks out over the Christian Holy site of Mount Precipice and the agricultural settlements and villages of the Jezreel Valley and the Galilee.

Companies in the park include:
Amdocs – Software Company, market leader in customer experience software solutions and services for the world’s largest communications, entertainment and media service providers.
Alpha Omega – Global Leader in Microelectronic Recording (MER) and Neuroscience Technology
MEET – Education Educational Technology Center, an innovative educational initiative aimed at creating a common professional language between Israeli and Palestinian young leaders.
Jolie Diamond & Jewelry Ltd. – Jolie is jewelry manufacturing company, which offers a rich collection of unique designs
Broadcom– R&D facility – A global innovation leader, Broadcom designs semiconductor solutions for the connected world. Consumers might never see Broadcom’s products, but they rely on its technology every day when using a smartphone, a wireless network at home or at work, streaming music or movies, or connecting to content that has passed through a data center in the cloud.

NGT3 – (Next Generation Technology) is a Venture Fund, that holds a franchise from the Israeli government and owns a technology incubator that encourages, supports, and invests in innovation-based technologies  and entrepreneurs primarily in the life sciences and medical devices.  NGT3 enjoys a rich deal flow of project companies due to access within the Jewish sector and entrepreneurial potential of the Israeli Arab society. NGT3 invests in early-stage medical device/life science companies with a well defined need, significant market and capable management.

Portfolio companies:
Aqueduct Medical  – developing an innovative technology for use in dilating the uterine cervix and various other body cavities.
Nurami Medical – a medical device company developing a unique nanofiber technology addressing the soft tissue repair market worth $2.25 billion in the U.S. Initially, Nurami is focusing on developing a dural substitute patch. Dural substitutes are applied during neurosurgeries to replace the damaged dura layer protecting the brain and to prevent cerebrospinal (CSF) leakages.
ParaSonic – developing a revolutionary home-use ultrasonic device that kills lice and their eggs in a single 5-minute combing treatment.
Guide In Medical a medical device company developing a guided intubation system. The system enables a clear identification of the trachea during intubation procedures and leads the caregiver to it even in difficult situations where visualization of the trachea is limited.
Implant-Bwas founded in 2015 and operates within the NGT3 Technology Incubator in Nazareth, Israel. The Company is developing a novel multi-piece dental implant for the definitive treatment of peri-implantitis while preserving the implant and the dental restoration.
PAM-Bio – pioneering the use of tissue -Plasminogen-Activator-Mutant, as anti-fibrinolytic agent for the treatment of acute bleeding conditions.  The therapy based on a recombinant protein which is a mutant to the native protein tissue -Plasminogen-Activator (tPA) as anti-fibrinolytic agent that stabilizes blood clot and reduce bleeding.

Afula Incubator

Haifa Technology Park

Companies in Haifa:
Pluristem – Pluristem Therapeutics Inc. is a clinical-stage biotechnology company using placental cells and a unique, proprietary, three-dimensional (3D) technology platform to develop cell therapies for a broad spectrum of diseases.
FUS Mobile (treatment of chronic pain)

Mon. Jan 25 – Jerusalem

Bio Jerusalem; Visits at the Hadassah Medical Center/Hadassit, Hebrew University Biotechnology Park (JBP) Ein-Kerem.

Bio Jerusalem* – An initiative of the Jerusalem Development Authority, Bio Jerusalem  was created to help fuel the economic development of Jerusalem by leveraging the vast life sciences resources available in the city. It is committed to growing Jerusalem into a thriving life sciences center of sustainable enterprises and solid investments, grounded on cutting edge           innovation.
Hadassit–  the business arm which was founded in 1986 as its vehicle for commercialization of medical technologies developed at the hospitals – and has been investing in turning ideas into viable products and services for the benefit of humanity.
Our Crowd* Investor Conference and Reception – The Jerusalem International Convention Centre, Binyenei Ha’Uma

Tour of Jerusalem

Tue. Jan 26 – Tel Aviv

CyberTech 2016 Conference* – The Israel Trade Fairs & Convention Center Guided tour and free time at the exhibition

Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce * – Round table and b2b with Israeli exporting companies

Wed. Jan 27 – Shefayim and Caesaria

Trendlines 6th annual Company Showcase event * – Kibbutz Shefayim Conf. Center (Including lunch)

Nielsen Incubator Headquarters *, Caesarea – Nielsen Innovate is an early stage technological incubator licensed by the Chief Scientist of Israel. It operates as an incubator and investment fund focused on market research, consumer behavior, data analytics, marketing and advertising solutions, campaign effectiveness measurement, big data, social, mobile and new media. The fund is invested in 14 companies, 8 of them are in Caesarea
Other companies at Caesarea Industrial and Business Park

CyberGymCyberGym™ is the global leader in cyber defense solutions and training for financial organizations, critical and sensitive governmental, infrastructure and production companies. CyberGym provides comprehensive IT security services and real-world cyber defense training. Our approach is unique in putting emphasis on the importance of the human element in protecting against cyber threats, seeing it as the “weakest link” in your cyber armor. CyberGym’s solutions help to enhance and strengthen your employees’ know-how and their responses when faced with genuine threats.

Zichron Yaakov Winery tour and dinner or Ancient Caesarea guided tour and dinner

Thu. Jan 28 – Beer Sheva

* Meet with Ronni Zehavi, CEO, CyberSpark Industry Initiative(at BGN Offices) – The Cyber Spark is a joint initiative, a non- profit company founded by of EMC, JVP Venture Capital Fund and BGN Technologies (BGU’s technology transfer company) The is engaged in the international promotion of the cyber center, which is based out of the Advanced Technologies Park in Beer Sheva. Beer Sheva was made the center for Cyber Security in Israel, by a decision made by the government to allocate the space and the economic incentives to attracting global companies who partner with Israeli advances technologies to establish R&D centers.
JVP Cyber security incubator *
JVP – Jerusalem Venture Partners * – Established in 1993 by JVP’s founder, Erel Margalit, JVP now has over $900 million under management. The majority of the            fund’s activities are led out of its International Media Quarter in Jerusalem with industry advisors in New York and Paris as well as an international network of strategic partners. JVP Cyber Labs, aims to identify, nurture and build the next wave of cyber         security and big data companies to emerge from Israel. The JVP Cyber Labs incubator, based in the southern academia and high-tech metropolitan of Beer Sheva, is a proprietary incubator under license of the Office of the Israeli Chief Scientist (OCS). JVP Cyber Labs is based in the epicenter of this innovation – bringing together the academia, multinationals and military-trained human capital to be at the forefront of cyber innovation.

Companies on Site:

Morphisec – Emerging from Israel’s national cyber security research center and home to some of the sharpest cyber security minds in the country, Morphisec achieved immediate global recognition when it won first place in a prestigious cyber security competition at an RSA Conference in 2014. The company offers unique, instantaneous and deterministic detection and prevention of zero-day and known attacks, combined with rich contextualized forensics. Morphisec’s flagship enterprise product will launch in Q1/2016 following successful testing by banks, telecom, and security companies. – CoroNet detects, and evades eavesdropping, interception, and             manipulation on Wifi and Cellular networks, making devices invisible to attackers. By installing a lightweight software agent on a Windows, MacOS, Android or iOS device, it becomes resilient to attackers intercepting voice and data transmissions. CoroNet’s suite of enterprise management tools enables the CSOs organization to detect threats, attacks, and compromised devices in real time.
ScadaFence – SCADAfence offers cutting edge cyber security solutions, designed           to protect the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) n the manufacturing industries       and critical infrastructure.
SecBI – SecBI is the first solution designed to reduce the complexity of security investigations through the power of machine learning, and to provide optimized mitigation recommendations based on an analysis of the business impact of both the threat and the suggested response.
* Lunch meeting with Ziv Ofek, founder &CEO, , CDI-Negev, CDI-Negev, Center for Digital Innovation

CDI – is a leading international center for innovation that will bring together startup companies, universities, innovators, researchers, industry leaders and investors  – in the fields of digital healthcare, education, social welfare and smart cities – where they can work in partnership to foster tangible and practical     solutions for some of the main challenges in today’s and tomorrow’s industry.

Boaz Gur-Lavi, Co-Founder & CFO, CDI-Negev
Sharon Sasportas, Co-Founder & VP Business Development, CDI-Negev

* Tour of Marcus Family Campus, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

* Visit the Ilse Katz Institute for Nanoscale Science & Technology (IKI) and meet with Prof. Yuval Golan, Director of the Institute IKI


Tour of Beer Avraham and Beer Sheva old city
Dinner at Yakuta- Moroccan restaurant
Depart for Ben Gurion Airport

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