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April 27, 2016
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Strong Women & Multi-Million Dollar Startup Featured at Conexx Women Event

Bold women and strong messages were featured at the Conexx Women second quarterly event, Startups: New Opportunities for Women at the beginning of April. The evening featured Audrey Jacobs, VP, OurCrowd and Shannon Pierce, R.N. founder of CareCam Health Systems. The event attracted a phenomenal group of fifty professional women, representing a diverse group of companies and locations including Atlanta, Miami, Washington D.C. and South Carolina. The event was graciously hosted by Carter’s, catered by Cafe Sababa and featured an intriguing evening of networking and learning.

The evening’s featured speaker, Audrey Jacobs is VP at OurCrowd, the Israel based equity crowdfunding platform. As a passionate entrepreneur, advocate and community leader, she shared three important rules she follows each day:

1. If you don’t ask-you don’t get
2. Never take no for an answer
3. No fear

Her passionate and bold speech advised women to demand respect and get it. “We need to write our own story,” she explained, “and not allow fear or lack of experience stop us”. Her message was clear: get what you want and do not hold back.

The evening also featured Shannon Pierce, the founder of Greenville, South Carolina based CareCam Health Systems. Shannon’s resolve and commitment to excellence is what drives her to be the successful entrepreneur of a multi-million dollar startup. Her message focused on taking baby steps “to make sure you are in control and comfortable”. While running a successful business requires boldness, tenacity and thick skin, Shannon urged the group not to be afraid to ask for advice or help. She stressed that women should educate themselves and believe in themselves and to always ask of yourself and the people around you, “is this the best you can do?”

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