March 10, 2009

View posts, videos & articles about Project Better Place and meet Mike Granoff in Atlanta, March 20th

Better Place:Innovative Israeli Electric Car Initiative Featuring Michael Granoff Head of Oil Independence Policies Better Place 1. The Long Tailpipe – Shai Agassi’s Blog 2. San Francisco Bay to be electric car capital 3. Better Place – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 4. Hawaii Says Aloha to Better Place 5. Better Place eyes $1 billion electric car network for Bay Area 6. Shai Agassi: Note to Next President, Better Place for U.S. […]
December 17, 2008

INN Coverage of AICC Mission to Israel

Atlanta Business Execs ‘Rescued’ in Search for New Companies by Hana Levi Julian A group of Atlanta business executives was “rescued’ from a high-rise building on Sunday as part of their week-long itinerary of meetings with counterparts in the fields of energy, biotechnology, water technology and communications to discuss joint economic development opportunities — despite the recent fiscal downturn. Tom Glaser, […]