Tom Glaser is president of the Southeast Region of Conexx.  In his position, he is responsible for all activities of the organization.  He has led Conexx since its founding in 1992.  Conexx has been involved in completed transactions between U.S. and Israeli companies – valued at over $1 billion.  These relationships have resulted in thousands of jobs and have had a powerful economic impact in the Southeastern U.S. and in Israel.

Conexx targets a range of projects involving import, export, research & development, direct investment, and joint ventures.  Key areas of focus include software, telecommunications, medical technologies, security, and cleantech.

Glaser is one of the Southeast’s most experienced and highly regarded leaders in the field of economic development.  He has spent more than 30 years working with chamber of commerce organizations and is an expert in the areas of business development, international business and building profitable international business relationships.  He also has many years experience working with U.S. and Israeli start-up companies in the areas of high-tech, biotechnology and communications.

In 2006, he assumed the additional role as Southeast representative for BIRD—the US-Israel Industrial Research & Development Foundation.  For 35 years, BIRD has supported joint venture R&D projects between US and Israeli companies through a joint endowment made by the two governments and repayments from successful projects.

Glaser has strong Georgia roots.  For 13 years, he was a chamber of commerce executive in Georgia, serving first as administrative vice president for the Savannah Area Chamber of Commerce and later as president of the Athens Area Chamber of Commerce.  In these positions, he led the business communities’ progressive programs in support of community development, and attracted a number of new industries, including international companies.

A native of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Glaser is a graduate of the University of Michigan.  He and his wife Connie, an author and lecturer, live in the Sandy Springs area of Atlanta.