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February 27, 2017
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February 27, 2017
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Upcoming: Members Networking Reception and Behavioral Economics

If you haven’t heard of Behavioral economics and how it can help your business, then the next Members Networking Reception is for you. Behavioral Economics is defined as “a method of economic analysis that applies psychological insights into human behavior to explain economic decision-making.”
Join Conexx for the Members Networking Reception on Thursday, March 23 at 5:30 p.m and hear how behavioral economics is being successfully used by companies and organizations around the world to drive growth and profitability. Join former Conexx President and serial entrepreneur Shai Robkin, Owner of Vernon Library Supplies, as he explains the concept of behavioral economics and why your business should take note.

Until just a few years ago, behavioral economics was not a mainstream topic. But now, particularly with rise of big data, many of the fastest growing, leading edge companies are utilizing some sort of behavioral economics expertise. Insights from behavioral economics are driving customer sales and loyalty, guiding strategic decision making and project management, and creating workplaces that nurture initiative and creativity.

The evening will address key behavioral economics concepts and how companies and organizations, including non-profits, are applying them. Among the most important are tools designed to help individuals and organizations make better decisions and avoid common pitfalls that result from instinctive human behaviors. These include: anecdotal vs. statistical thinking, heuristics (mental shortcuts that people use, most times unconsciously, to reach decisions on difficult questions), loss aversion, inaccurate perceptions of risk, and choice architecture.

Members are welcome to bring guests. Register for the Members Networking Reception or, for more information, contact Barry Swartz.

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