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July 26, 2016
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US Companies Matched with Israeli Solutions at First FinTech Innovation Conference

Fintech Consul GeneralLast month, Conexx, along with the Israeli Consulate in the SE and the Israel Economic Mission to the South, organized the first ever Atlanta-Israel FinTech Innovation Conference. This unique and dynamic conference focused on the booming FinTech or financial tech industry.

Like so many other industries, the Israeli FinTech industry was born out of experience in fields like cybersecurity. But while many people know Israel for her ingenuity, Atlanta is quickly becoming a global hub for FinTech with over $72 billion in annual revenues. As society becomes a truly global and mobile marketplace, FinTech has proved to be a major necessity.

The event was hosted by Greenberg Traurig LLP and supported by HA&W, Metro Atlanta Chamber, American Transaction Processors Coalition, IATI, and the BIRD Foundation.

The Conference was a one-of-a kind opportunity for Atlanta and SE based companies to be matched with cutting-edge Israeli technology companies. Participants were able to see presentations for solutions in card processing, electronic billing, cybersecurity and personal finance as well as data and risk analytics and multi-channel solutions in the banking industry.

The conference attracted 12 Israeli FinTech companies including Amaryllis Payment Solutions, BioCatch, Cinch, Credorax, DMWay, Earnix, ExoBee, Fundbox, Janvest, Sapiens, SplitIt, and ThetaRay. US companies included Suntrust, NCR, FIS, FirstData, Global Payments, Synovus Bank, Cardlytics, BB&T and many others.

Ambassador Judith Shorer, Consul General of Israel to the Southeast, was on hand, giving a very unique view as both an Israeli and a resident of Atlanta. “Atlanta is a national center for those involved in FinTech,” she said. “About 70% of US financial transactions go through every day in Atlanta. 71% of the companies engaged in the management of consumer payments…[are] based in Atlanta.”

Speaker H. West Richards, Executive Director at American Transaction Processors Coalition, told participants that the electronic payment activity is very vulnerable to attacks from hackers. He noted that deliberate and massive attacks may create a catastrophe which will take weeks for the system to understand how to operate the federal financial system. He stressed that, “we are working to establish a federal task force,” and welcomed representatives of Israeli FinTech companies.

Participants were able to sit it on multiple sessions and panel discussions on topics
ranging from Investing in FinTech, Cybersecurity and FinTech, and Atlanta as a FinTech
hub. The Conference also welcomed esteemed keynote speakers including Karin Mayer Rubinstein, CEO of IATI (Israel Advanced Technology Industries) as well as Dr. Bob Mark, Managing Partner of Black Diamond Risk Enterprises and Jim Johnson, COO, FIS.

The 1st annual Atlanta-Israel FinTech Innovation Conference proved to be a huge sucess as every Israeli company in attendance had significant one-on-one meetings with many of the US companies who participated in the Conference.

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