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January 17, 2012
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VisionMap Establishes South Carolina Subsidiary

VisionMap’s A3 photo system does the work of dozens of static cameras.

Tel Aviv-based VisionMap Ltd has established a US subsidiary in Myrtle Beach South Carolina to provide sales, training, support and professional services in North and South America for their 3D aerial photo products systems. VisionMap LLC was formed to provide local services for the growing community of VisionMap’s systems users, and is led by a team of seasoned executives, expert in the field of aerial cameras and photogrammetry. It is providing sales and field engineering for its new product line, featuring the A3 Core, A3 and A3 Edge cameras as well as the Lightspeed processing system. It also extends the availability of the MIST sensor for unmanned airborne systems.

The Israeli company makes some of the world’s most advanced solutions in constantly updated, accurate 3D aerial photography. The applications for VisionMap’s A3 system — two blazing-fast, rotating mapping cameras that do the work of dozens of static cameras —  are almost without limit, says CEO Yaron Vilan. “Information from imagery creates possibilities for much better decisions in many areas. In disaster relief, it can tell you who needs to be helped, which buildings are about to collapse and where to focus relief efforts.    In urban planning, , it tells you how to develop smartly. It has uses in environmental monitoring, agriculture, forestry, security and defense, navigation and location-based services,” he added.

“We formed VisionMap LLC to achieve better coverage of the American market,” said William Perkins, General Manager, VisionMap LLC. “Our customers require immediate response, either for support and maintenance requests or for commercial inquiries. We are committed to addressing our customer’s needs on a timely manner, providing VisionMap’s standards of quality and flexibility. The team’s expertise in photogrammetry as well as availability of replacements now allow customers in America to reduce down time in case of a problem and rectify issues quickly.”

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