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January 11, 2014
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Water Vending

Petach Tikvah-based company provides an end-to-end solution for drinking water in any public space by installing and maintaining a network of “Drinking Water Vending Machines” (DWVM) in the public domain. Machines provide water that is cleaner and healthier than tap water and cheaper than bottled water. This not only makes water available “on the go” for the consumer, but also addresses many environmental concerns by providing a viable alternative to plastic bottles. The city’s residents and visitors only need to bring their own bottle and woosh® does the rest providing a network of water stations that is intergraded with the smart city water grid. DWVMs will be located in public spaces such as tourist attractions, universities, parks, shopping malls and public transportation, as well as in corporate sites.

The core technology (Patent Pending) is an ozone-based water purification system uniquely developed for drinking water vending machines. Company has developed the first ozone-based disinfection systems with multipurpose capabilities: water purification and a unique bottle sterilization feature. Additionally, it provides real-time monitoring and is also the first zero discharge vending machine. The vending machine provides a modern graphical user interface; a fully computerized remote controlled vending application; and utilizes RFID bottles to make the refilling experience smooth and accessible.

Seeking introductions to potential distributors and to tourist attractions, universities, parks, shopping malls, public transportation, as well as corporations.


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