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March 15, 2014
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March 15, 2014
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Wound Healing

Ramat Gan-based medical device company developed a breakthrough, non-invasive, wound healing technology for the medical treatment of
chronic, hard to heal diabetic, vascular-insufficiency, and pressure wounds.

The Company’s flagship product, is the first ozone-based technology specifically designed to enhance and accelerate wound closure and recovery. In the future, the Company will be able to leverage its technology to address other severe chronic wounds and cosmetics treatments.

Product has received the European CE mark and the Israeli Health Ministry’s certification for the treatment of hard-to-heal chronic wound. The product is currently commercially installed in five medical centers and clinics in Israel, and has been successfully used to treat over 500 patients. In addition, the Company completed a double blind, Placebo controlled clinical trial, which successfully validate the safety, efficacy and superiority. The results of these trials are serving the company as the baseline clinical portfolio to the FDA’s 510k submission within this

Seeking introductions to strategic partners to bring product to US.


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