Space IL Zohar Levkovitz – Space IL
Zohar Levkovitz is the Chairman of SpaceIL. Zohar founded Amobee and led the company through its recent acquisition by SingTel. Zohar has been at the forefront of mobile and internet technology development for over 10 years. As former CTO of Comverse 3G, MMS and WAP Push activities, Zohar led the development and compilation of several architectures and concepts, currently accepted as standards by the global telecom industry. During his tenure at Comverse Mr. Levkovitz held several key positions in the standardization bodies: Member at the 3GPP2 SC (TIA / EIA), chairperson for a strategic technology committee at OMA (WAP Forum), specification author for 3GPP. In addition, Mr. Levkovitz has gained experience in the online advertising arena as General Manager of and as a VP of Product Development at Inc.Space IL’s mission is to make Israel the 3rd country to land on the moon. Space IL is a non-profit organization established by a multidisciplinary team of Israeli space enthusiasts to compete with privately-funded space teams in the Google Lunar X Prize. The Google Lunar X Prize is a global race of lunar exploration offering the largest international incentive prize of all time: a total of $30 million. The challenge is to become the first team to successfully launch, fly and land a robotic spacecraft on the Moon. The team must operate the spacecraft across the lunar surface and transmit video, images, and data back to Earth. Our spacecraft of choice is a nanosatellite carrying the Israeli flag.